Monday, January 30, 2012

Have you ever noticed the Salesforce "Quick Save" button?? The button actually gets disabled while the class or the page is being saved. Hey Isn't that cool? Well this is not anymore Salesforce secret!. We can implement this in any visualforce page very easily without any JavaScript and HTML. Here we go 

<apex:page >  
   <apex:form >  
     <apex:pageBlock title="Animated Ajax Button">  
       <apex:outputPanel layout="block" style="text-align:center">  
         <apex:actionStatus id="myStatus">  
           <apex:facet name="start">  
             <apex:outputPanel >  
               <apex:commandButton value="Saving..." style="width:120px" disabled="true"/>  
               <apex:image value="/img/loading24.gif"/>  
           <apex:facet name="stop">  
             <apex:outputPanel >  
               <apex:commandButton value="Save" action="{!save}" style="width:120px" reRender="myStatus" status="myStatus"/>  

Finally I am out with my first blog!!!
A little About me...I am just another developer working experimenting on platform.I like to code and only code!!
Currently exploring the possibilities with platform.I am really in love with the platform and have acquired considerable knowledge in Visualforce , Apex,Oauth, Rest API, Webservices, jQuery, HTML and Flex.