Its been a wild journey, have been working on Salesforce and other related technologies for more than 6 years now. With time I grew interest in technologies like nodejs, angularjs , heroku and loving it.

Area of expertise : Salesforce , Apex (Batch Apex / Triggers / Pages etc), AngularJs, Jquery, Jquery Mobile, CSS, HTML5, Bootstrap, Electron, NodeJs

Areas I am still working on : Typescripts , Task Runners (webpack), Lightning 

Areas where I am killing : UI  / AngularJs / CSS / Bootstrap / Visualforce Pages and obviously backend Apex work.

Some recent projects

Secured 1st place in cloudspokes for more than an year on Cloudspokes (now top coder).

Mobile Task Management

Requirements: To Build a mobile task and call list application with jQuery Mobile and Visualforce that allows a  user to view "open" activities, mark them as "done" and create follow up tasks for the contact. 

Demo App :

Screens : 
List Page
Detail Page
Follow Up Task Creation

Mobile Contact Snapshot

Requirements: To build a jQuery Mobile application targeted for a tablet layout using Visualforce and Apex to show details about contacts including :
  •  general contact info from the contact (name, phone, email, etc)
  •   products of interest (see below for more details)
  •   details about their last 5 activities (phone calls, email, etc.)
  •   list of open opportunities and details
  •   list of marketing campaigns they are part of and status
  •   list of products they own (see below for more details)
  •   list of competing companies they have purchase from (see below for more details)
Screens :
Contact List Page
Contact Snapshot page with related info

Mobile Chatter Polls

Requirements: Build a jQuery Mobile application using Visualforce that presents the poll question with the answers and allows the the user to select one answer. The flow of the application would be that someone enters a new poll record and the question is posted to Chatter with a link to the jQuery Mobile Visualforce page (login is required). When a user answers the poll, their answer is posted as a reply to the original Chatter post.

Screens :
Chatter Link

HTML5 Embedded Tab For Salesforce Lite Users

Requirements:  To build a simple cardwall-style mobile task management interface in HTML5, which will live in a VisualForce tab.  The interface will allow users to select an appropriate object in salesforce, then display a card wall where the user can view the details and change the status of records of that object by drag and drop.

Screens :

Object Selection Page
Card Wall
On Tap Info Window

Mobile Customer Data Vault

Requirements:  To build a intuitive search app for Customer data that a consulting company has executed for its customers. This Application should work on both iPads as well as iPhones hence the layouts should be responsive and should adjust according to the screen size. The App should provide different search filters based on some fields to search particular records in the salesforce object

Screens : 

UI For Tablets
UI For Smartphones
Search Detail Page
Multiselect Search Filters

jQuery Mobile Mapping Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities

Requirements:  To build a pure web-based HTML 5 app using VisualForce (VF), jQuery and jQuery Mobile that displays a map of (SFDC) information. The user will login to SFDC and will be presented with a map of the United States with a Google map showing all accounts (those visible to the user).

1.   User will authenticate using SFDC credentials.

2.   The users location should be used to show “nearby accounts” upon initial load with the appropriate zoom level.

3.   The user should be able to zoom in and out on the map and Account “pins” should update.

4.   When tapping on a pin on the map, the following information should appear:
    4.1   Account Name
    4.1  Account Owner
    4.2  Account Address
    4.3  # contacts (link)
    4.4  # opportunities (link)

5.   If the # contacts or # opportunities is tapped, then the user is taken to a list of the contacts or opportunities.

6.   When tapping on an individual contact, the following information should be displayed:
    6.1  FirstName LastName
    6.2  Account Name
    6.3  email (clickable to send email)
    6.4  Title
    6.5  Mobile (tap to call)
    6.6  Phone (tap to call)

7.   When tapping on an individual opportunity, the following information should be displayed:
     7.1    Opportunity Name
     7.2   Account Name
     7.3   Opportunity Owner
     7.4   Opportunity Owner Telephone # (user taps to call #)
     7.5   Opportunity Owner  Email (user taps to send email using native iOS mail app)
     7.6   Opportunity $$ Amount
     7.7   Probability
     7.8   Forecast Category
     7.9   Current Stage
     7.10  Description
     7.11  Next Step
     7.12  Competitor

Screens : 

Home Screen
Account Detail
Contact List 
Opportunity List
Opportunity Detail

jQuery Mobile Mapping Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities

Requirements:  To build a  a pure web-based HTML 5 app using VisualForce (VF), jQuery and jQuery Mobile that allows creation and deletion of a record in (SFDC) to “relate” other records (i.e. a junction record).

Functional Requirements

1.  User will authenticate using SFDC credentials.
2.  User should be able to:
    2.1  add a new category
    2.2  deactivate a category
    2.3  select a category and then quickly associate or dis-associate many content records to that 
            category (each “association” or “relationship” is a record in the 
            content_category_assignment__c object)
3.  The UI design is up to the developer.  Simple, elegant, and intuitive is preferred.

Technical Requirements

4.  Built to work on a phone (iPhone, Android).
5.  Works with jquery and the jquery mobile framework.  

Screens : 

List Page
Edit Page
Category Selection
Detail Selection

Mobile Case Management App 

Requirements:  To build a HTML5 mobile app that allows fields sales and service to manage Cases by account on a mobile device.  This app should graphically show where each Case is in the appropriate workflow.   Case details such a phone[click to dial]  email [mailto: link], address should be included.

1.  Screen 1 to show a sortable list of open cases by account and the corresponding open cases counts. Below list of accounts should show a simple line graph that show the number of open, and closed cases in the last x days, [ x = 7 for default]  
2.  Tapping an account the second screen is displayed, which shows a list of open cases.
3.  Tapping a case will open a case detail screen which include: description, priority, age, owner name, owner email, and owner phone number,  This screen should also have a button to escalate the case.
4.  The case detail page will contain a visualization button which will render a graphical image that displays where the case is in the current process. 

Screens : 

Account List Page
Close Rate Gaph
Account Filters
Case List
Case Detail

Mobile Survey

Requirements: Build a jQuery Mobile application using Visualforce targeted for iPad.The application will accept a JSON payload (a sample is attached in the Assets section) and dynamically render the scorecard UI. The user must answer all questions and provide text in each text box in order to submit the survey. 

Screens :

Survey UI

Mobile Opportunity Products App

Requirements: To build mobile using HTML5 and JQuery Mobile UI elements to allow for quick entry of Opportunity products onto an Opportunity. When the user access the Visualforce page they will be required to login if not already logged in.

Page 1 : Display a list of open Opportunites owned by the current user. Just show the name of the Opportunity in the list. Once the user selects the Opportunity, it will take them to the Product Screen.

Page 2 : This page should contain two tabs "Product" and "Pricing".Product tab is for quickly adding products to the Opportunity. Users should be able to quickly add new products by entering the Product Id and tabbing to the next field. As users enter Product IDs,populate the Description and List Price fields from If a Product ID is not found, app should leave the Description and List Price blank. Pricing tab will be used for quickly setting the price of the product line item.

Screens :

Opportunity List Page
Product Page
Pricing Page


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